Technology is growing at a fast pace, making many avenues possible for human connection with another world – Digital world. These connections can help humans to reach out to interphase with their environment. Wasn’t this the stuff science fiction was made of? Well, the science fiction of previous times has been turned into the reality of today. Such technologies are actually developed and can be used for different applications across the wide spectrum of business.

We – 11Technolab – were a big fan of game changing technologies and that’s why kept following their growth since its beginning. The growth of game changing technologies has been achieved in past 2 decades and it has infatuated many business owners, and they are trying to find different ways for applying these technologies to their businesses. At this place, they will need our help as we are technology experts helping the businesses to evaluate, develop and father that execute technologies in their core projects.

These technologies has two major applications where 11Technolab put its efforts. Sometimes, these major applications are merged as per their functions but are usually looked at separately by the industry. These two major applications are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


A live direct or indirect view of a real-world physical environment whose elements are computer generated inputs like video, sound, haptics, graphics or GPS data, is known as augmented reality. This technology simply enhances the current reality perception by enhancing the situations or environment in an augmented phase.

The technology experts of 11Technolab are a tram of professionals who are indulged in studying and creating solutions for various businesses so that they could capitalize on this technology. The projects that we take are on consulting and priority basis with clear scope of application and version requirements and execute these to the perfection. Before delivery, we ensure that the application is working perfectly in the real world environments by testing it.


The computer technology where alternate nonphysical dimension is created that could interact with humans is called virtual reality. An alternate version of the physical environment, which is delivered through devices for triggering neural responses for perceiving them as real, virtual reality is an ultimate creation level. These are used much more in entertainment and gaming.

Well, our company executes virtual reality projects from the beginning to end. This technology has an important bedrock – the content projected to the users, which is in the form of video. There are amazing content creation experts in the technology team of 11Technolab for this amazing technology. We invest good efforts in detail for the virtual reality content project as this is the most important stage for the project. Hence, the coding technology team handles the content that build the user interface for the content. Then, the content is tested on different platforms and then delivered.

11Technolab is an agency for a full service software development projects in Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality. We believe in the technological applications of business and entertainment and execute projects accordingly that show the real world value for the clients.